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Mayan Dark Chocolate cookie dough... yum!


I offer these flavors, in any combination of cookie and icing flavor you wish, but there is a minimum of 1 dozen cookies per flavor.

Standard Flavors:

Vanilla bean
Black Coco (this tastes just like the cookie part of an Oreo)

Fun Flavors:

Lemon Cream



Cinnamon Spice
Root Beer -- yes, root beer!

Dark Chocolate Mint



Gourmet Flavors (may require an additional charge):


Eggnog – seasonal

Orange Gingerbread – seasonal

Lavender Honey -- I recommend a lemon icing with this one

Chocolate Chip
Candy Cane – seasonal

Mayan Dark Chocolate

Peppermint Mocha
Red Velvet

Chocolate Espresso

Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage**


If you have any special requests please let me know, I will gladly try to make any flavor you desire.


I can make any of the above flavors gluten free as well!


**Alcohol flavors: Contains alcohol, obviously. These flavors may cost a little more due to the increased price of Ingredients. I have done multiple types of bourbon/whiskey, rum, vodka, Guinness, even Mai Tai. If you have a favorite alcohol flavor you'd like to try, please let me know, I love baking with booze!. Needless to say, these orders must be from customers over 21 only.


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