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Cookie Cowgirl's Cookie Parties


Don't be intimidated by the images you are about to see... you can do this! Cookie Parties are just that, a party! Whatever you are celebrating, it deserves a cookie. Everyone will start off making the same set of cookies but once you get the hang of it, you'll be free to play and explore your more creative side. There's a million and one reasons to celebrate every day... birthdays, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, holiday get togethers, girls night out, graduations, baby showers, family reunions, making to Friday... you come up with occasion and I will come up with a super fun set of cookies we can all do to fit your theme.


Cookie parties last 3-4 hours and at the end you get to take home a box of cookies to wow and amaze your friends and family. So invite your best friends, family members or your neighbor from across the street... becuse we are going to have a great time. Kids are welcome but please none under the age of 10.


Here are the details:


  • Prices are $40/per guest with an 8 guest minimum.

  • Parties can be held anywhere within a 30 mile radius of Round Rock, TX without an additional travel charge.

  • A $100 deposit will be charged to hold the date. Refunds on deposits are available up to 48 hours before class. after that you will only receive 50% to cover my cost of materials. If I are able to rebook, I will hold your refund for the future date.

  • The host is responsible for collecting all money. Any checks necessary can be made out to Cookie Cowgirl.


What I provide:


  • A minimum of one dozen cookies per guest to decorate.

  • All icing needed during decorating party and the supplies necessary to decorate.

  • Boxes to transport cookies home safely

  • Decorating worksheet to follow along with and use as reference while decorating project cookies.

  • 4+ years of cookie decorating experience and knowledge.


What you provide:


  • A location to host the party that will accommodate all guest (I have an additional table if needed, just let me know)

  • Any food or drink you would like to have during the party.

  • At least 8 total decorators.

  • A place for guest to clean up after decorating.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Some examples of cookies we could decorate at your Cookie Party...

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