Miscellaneous Fun Cookies


Anyone up for a game of Mahjong_

I'd like to introduce to you _Evil Dr. Funk_ and _Secret Agent Painkiller._ Meet them in person star

Unicorn poop anyone_ It's magically delicious 😂

My favorite part of CookieCon each year is the mystery shape

Cookie Con 2017... done! Whew, what a wild ride... Here's my sugar show piece, yes it's all cookie (

Here they are! Corgi cookies 😄 Bobbi helped me make this cutter forever ago because I was going to

Got to play with a new tool this weekend, the Bristle McGoo waterbrush from _artymcgoo..

Fun mid century modern theme cookies for wedding guest welcome bags

Waiting for these to be picked up... They were kinda fun to make. I love the idea of a girls only ge

When you really want to use a cutter but don't need an octopus, lol

So in case you haven't figured it out, I love to put alcohol in cookies..

Lol, I don't think I've seen anyone more excited about a cookie pick up than this customer

Eek! They are so girly!! I ❤️ them! Thanks _trulymadplastics for the cutter 😉, she awesome

Things got a little rough last night 😜 💋🐟🕸 Lol! These are part of a bigger set I can't share yet

Okay, these were fun

So super stoked about these tiki party cookies! The mermaid cutter is from _semisweetmike, I love it







Instagram - Some patriotic themed emojis to brighten up your day 😎😂😄😘😉😍


Instagram - Denim and Diamonds party this afternoon.jpg I'm not sure if this is

Instagram - There are going to be some REALLY happy kids tonight :) #whiskedaway


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