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Thank you to the Garrison Brothers...

Garrison Brothers Distillery is located in the little town of Hye, Texas. They are the first legal distillery in Texas and have only shipped twice to local retail stores and both times were sold out in a matter of a few days. I had the wonderful fortune of getting on a waiting list for one of the first shipments just before Christmas and the day it came in I dragged my son all the way to Fredericksburg (1.5 hours away) to buy the little bottle of amber gold. On the drive back we saw the sign for the tiny town of Hye and decided to take an adventure and see if we could find the actual distillery and get a picture to go with the bottle. A few miles of dirt road later we came across it and pulled in, almost instantly a man in a big pickup pulled up behind me and I was sure he was gonna kick me out... I was there without any appointment and I had an infant in the backseat. He didn't, his name was Dan and he was awesome, I told him why I was there and he took me up to see the operation and get better pictures, he even signed the bottle for Karl (which was so awesome he wouldn't open it to try it out). I left so excited, Mr. Dan Garrison totally made my day and a pretty cool gift transformed into something totally custom and amazing. So, flash forward a few months and my parents are down to visit for my husband's birthday. As a gift I sent the guys down to the distillery for a "Sit and Sip" tour. I wanted to thank Mr. Dan for his kindness and decided that all men love food so cookies were a safe bet. I did some research on their operation and came up with a good variety. The royal icing was flavored with their bourbon which gave it a nice subtle spice flavor once dry. If anyone is a big bourbon fan and traveling through the Fredericksburg area, I highly recommend giving them a visit... just remember to call first ;)


The main cookies: bourbon bottle image, texas star logo, Hye bottle tag, black wax seal in chocolate, bourbon barrels with logo stamp, white cowboy hat (for Mr. Dan), and in the center... the Cowgirl, their first sill that started it all.


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