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Firefly... because I had to


(Wash, Zoe, Simon / Inara, Shepherd Book, River, Mal, Kaylee, Jane)

Firefly/Serenity cookies! I've always wanted to make these to represent one of my all time favorite shows. I finally had the opportunity make these cookies for a sugar show that happened over the weekend in Salt Lake City at CookieCon 2014. I absolutely love these and I'm very happy that they were so well received, even though a lot people didn't know what they were from. Netflix is about to get a lot of traffic to see Firefly soon, so if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you do... if you have seen the show, then you understand why these were necessary and long overdue. Thanks to everyone once again that came out to see and vote on the sugar show, you're all my heroes! If anyone knows any of the cast... their cookies are safe and sound, they can pick them up anytime they'd like ;)

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