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A new baby about to join the world

My friend is expecting his first kiddo. He is totally playing the proud papa role right now sending out pictures of the ultrasound and posting video of the heartbeat to his facebook. He and his wife are such good and deserving people and we are all very excited for them.


Since I work with the future dad, he has had a chance to sample many of my "boo-boo" cookies that I bring into work (so they don't all go to my waist). His wife has been supper supportive and encouraging but had not had a chance to sample anything yet. I wanted to make them something special that was just for them. Since they are not very far along they do not know any gender information yet but knowing mom and dad I put together something that is pretty gender neutral and not too "baby" in color. I really like the color palette for these, I think they all worked really well. I love the stars and want to make a million more just to see how many faces I can come up with. We had a chance to deliver them tonight and they were very well received. All my love goes out to Brian and Barbara, so far it hasn't been the easiest first couple weeks but she's almost over the first hurdle and ready to enjoy being pregnant.


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