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FSU is on the warpath now... well not really but, Go FSU!

My sister-in-law is a FSU alumni and very proud of her alma mater, and rightfully so. She is not the biggest fan of deserts, no pie, pudding, cake, ice cream... but she does LOVE sugar cookies. Ever since I started this hobby I thought that I needed to make her something special since usually I have to resort to an unmentioned, over-priced, cookie on a stick company when I want to send her a treat. I'm sure I'll get heck because the color isn't just right but I had some really bad images to go off and they were all different colors of garnet and gold. I was really pleased with the way the helmets came out. I didn't want the arrow to be raised so I attempted to do it all wet on wet, and for the most part it worked really well. She has no clue what's coming so I'm hoping this will be a good surprise :)


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