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Everything is coming up Sunflowers

There are times I truly love living in Texas. Today we got to watch as two people we know tied the knot. The bride and groom were married at a riding center that they met at (where they both volunteer), it was so simple and lovely... no fuss, no worries about getting your heels caught in the mud (because they were wearing boots), no one checking their watches to see when things would start (it starts when we hear the music), no one asking if we wanted chicken or fish (there was a simple desert bar with homemade treats)... it was really fun, just hanging out and then, oh look, Allyson and Brennan are getting married too :) I wanted to make them some cookies that expressed the chill country feeling they were going for without being overly shabby chic or western. I got to play with some fun new techniques and those sunflower centers are european chocolate disc used for fondue (super tasty). I hope they liked them, they went pretty quick ;)

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